Eric Wareheim Almost Makes Maroon 5 Not The Worst

Eric Wareheim directed a music video for Maroon 5’s “If I Never See You Again,” you guys.

Nice. The thing is, according to Brian Greene’s well-articulated concept of the multi-verse, somewhere out in the depths of space, or maybe beyond, at a distance beyond human comprehension, there’s an exact replica of Earth as we know it, exactly as it is today, where I’m wearing my pajamas and sitting at my computer at 2 in the afternoon blogging about nonsense, and you are doing whatever it is you’re doing in your pajamas right now, everything exactly the same, except that this video is not a funny, curious oddity reserved for over-educated misanthropes who have turned disdain into a sport, but just the number one music video in the country, expressing the everyday American’s concept of what’s cool and interesting. Science is crazy!