Who’s That Old Guy Talking To David Letterman?

Someone named John McCann (sp?) was on Letterman last night.

A lot has been made of John McCain’s gracious concession speech on election night, and I think that everyone wants him to find a way back to the position of honor and profound respect that he commanded as a Senator and war hero prior to the election. People want their old McCain back (is there another McCain? Zing? Too soon? Ah, right, too late). They want the 2000 election campaign McCain, with his moral idealism and his refusal to play dirty politics. The problem is that he melded that McCain so efficiently with the modern 2008 race-baiting Penguin-laugh McCain that it’s going to take a long time, if it’s even possible, to separate the two. As someone who placed his life story at the center of his bid for the presidency, his life story is now fraught. So even this mostly benign, congenial war story brings back shuddering muscle memory reactions, like I’m being campaigned to/at. Even if he doesn’t make reference to the darker strains of his hate-fueled mission statement now that that hate-fueled mission statement has been proven bankrupt, it feels like it’s still there, like some itchy phantom limb. And I feel kind of bad for him, because I want to be more gracious and forgiving towards him now that the race is finished, but I can’t shake the fact that he foisted Sarah Palin on the world, and like Danny defending his garbage sushi nightmare plate during this week’s episode of Top Chef, insisted that he was overwhelmingly happy with that decision, and that is even less forgivable than Danny’s facial hair.

But most importantly, if you don’t want to talk about the bleeping election, John McCain, DON’T GO ON BLEEPING TALK SHOWS.