30 Rock: Wait, Grizz And Dot Com Are In Couple’s Counseling?

Last night’s 30 Rock wasn’t as “edgy” as this season has been so far (though Kenneth did call Liz “The C-Word: Cranky Sue”), but that’s okay, because it had genuine heart! Jack realized his mother wasn’t as horrible as he’d thought, Liz realized poor people weren’t as horrible as she’d thought, and we realized that there may be more to Grizz and Dot Com’s relationship than we’d thought. (Seriously, the 30 Rock spinoff should be just about them.) After the jump, some of the best moments from the show. Also, Tina Fey’s real-life husband had a cameo!

(They all look the same because Hulu hasn’t figured screencaps out yet.)

Jenna explains her “surrogate family”:

Jack realizes that his mother put out so he could have presents as a kid:

And though they claimed to “both have girlfriends” earlier in the episode, this moment hints that Grizz and Dot Com might be a couple, or are at least in some sort of weird entourage couple’s counseling:

And in a Christmas cameo miracle, Tina Fey’s husband (and 30 Rock music supervisor and producer) Jeff Richmond played the piano and rolled his eyes at Jenna:

30 Rock is allowed to be heartwarming, but only once a year.