NeNe Leakes Is Definitely Broke, Says This Lady

Defamer dug up this local news clip from FOX 5 that goes IN DEPTH into the NeNe Leakes eviction scandal. The first couple minutes just remind us of what we already know, that NeNe and husband Greg do not live in the rental home they lived in on the show, and that they were evicted due to unpaid rent. But then they track down a woman in Kentucky, Pat Nelson, who claims that Greg is nothing better than a slumlord, as evidenced by a torn screen door, and then goes on to claim that a house she put under the management of Greg’s company ended up filled with MICE and GARBAGE, and that there was HUMAN WASTE on the patio. Yikes!

Yikes. Very scandalous. Just one question: WHO IS PAT NELSON? Look, if what she’s saying is true, then Greg Leakes is a very bad businessman and NeNe Leakes presented America with an inaccurate depiction of herself on TV, unlike everyone else who is nothing but honest always. But why is FOX 5 treating her like the resident expert on the world? Pat Nelson. I don’t know Pat Nelson from Adam (Cohen! Zang!). I also like that no one can find NeNe. Right. Within five minutes of Anderson Cooper mispronouncing her name on Ellen she will provide you with an interview on what their dream date would consist of, but otherwise she’s Dick fucking Cheney.

It is so unusual for a local news team to be this sensationalistic and unthorough!