Jimmy Kimmel Tortures Brian Austin Green About His Hot Girlfriend Megan Fox

A healthy-looking Brian Austin Green went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and the reason I watched was in anticipation of the moment that arrives in every Brian Austin Green interview now: the moment when the interviewer brings up Brian Austin Green’s fiance, Megan Fox, who was, like, nobody when they got engaged but is now considered the new Cindy Crawford or something (Ask me about my references!) Brian Austin Green always gets really uncomfortable when that happens, and this time did not disappoint! Because Jimmy Kimmel not only watched Brian squirm while explaining that no wedding date has been set, but he brought out a paparazzi photo of Megan touching Brian’s upper inseam area under an outdoor cafe table.

(Watch until the end when Jimmy calls B.A.G. “The Beastmaster.”):

I hope Brian Austin Green never becomes comfortable with Megan Fox’s success. He’s just too fun to watch. Poor David Silver.