Broccoli Kitten Is The Paris Hilton Of YouTube Kittens

With nearly half a million views in less than a week, the broccoli-loving kitten known imaginatively as “Broccoli Kitten” is hands-down the Kitten Of The Week. But what’s BK’s real talent, other than that cute little noise he makes?:

And why is he named “Captain Pugwash”? Did he lick a pug while they were both on some sort of small-animal boat toy? And do people really get together and sit on the floor with cats (a gecko was also mentioned) and paparazzi them while saying new-agey things like “I told Anna last night that the photos when I’m with her or thinking about her seem to be much cuter than average.” Get out of my morning kitten video, Shirley MacLaine! Also, as evidenced by the YouTube related videos section, LOTS of kittens like broccoli. Stop being famous just for being famous, Captain Pugwash, if that is your real military rank.