Who’s Buying All This Dark Knight

The DVD for The Dark Knight came out on Tuesday, and it continues to break all the records. According to /film, it sold 600,000 copies on Blu Ray alone, making it the highest debuting Blu Ray DVD in history, whatever that means. Like the ocean? Ocean movies? Because it sounds like you’re talking about ocean movies. But even more importantly, it sold 3 million Regular Ray copies on Tuesday and is on target to sell as many as 7 million by the end of the week. That is so many DVDs! Who knew we were such a country of total vidheads. We love those vids. Give ‘em!

Now, obviously, The Dark Knight is a great movie and we should all have called in sick on Tuesday claiming that we couldn’t work due to “hosting a live event” and stayed home and watched it, but that is so many copies of a DVD that it still begs the question: who’s buying all this Dark Knight?

“All the younger guys at work were talking about it and I figured ‘Hey, what the heck!’ I was known for getting ‘jiggy’ at the movies too back in my day.”

“I love to laugh.”

“I didn’t buy Dark Knight, but I would have if my husband let me leave the house.”

I’m intrigued by the moral complexity and the tonal darkness of what you might normally think would be effects-fueled eye candy for pubescent hooligans.

“My wife says that I remind her of the Joker. Personally, I don’t see it. But I like to think it’s a compliment?”