Ruh-Roh, Wendy And Lucy Is Maybe Kind Of…Boring?

I’m still excited about seeing Wendy And Lucy, especially with all the commenters who thought it was amazing, but trusted blogger Thighs Wide Shut gives me a little pause (paws? groan!) about the potential glacial slowness and nothing-really-happeningness in this quiet movie about Michelle Williams and her lost dog. Mostly, this review just made me laugh, and will continue to even if I disagree about the film:

Trailer alot like SherryBaby’s, cause it be touting the brave acting performance over everything, that cause there aint nuttin else. Is movie Arty? Yes. Boring? As balls! If see, bring pillow, but no need bring sleep medicine.

Ugh, SherryBaby, I hate that kind of movie (see also: Waitress.) I’m still going to see Wendy And Lucy, in the hopes that Thighs Wide Shut Just Didn’t Get It, but that doesn’t mean I’m not adding “boring as balls” to my vocabulary.