Were You A Nickelodeon “Yuppie Puppie”?

AMAZING FIND: Google Books added some magazines to its archives this week, and tipster Scott (okay, Scott Stereogum) was looking through an old issue of New York Magazine (the 1985 “Brat Pack” issue) and found this jaw-dropping ad for Nickelodeon, which appeals to the basest, grossest, and most hilariously status-obsessed of baby boomer parents (and potential advertisers to them.) Can you imagine if the phrase “Yuppie-Puppie” had actually caught on? “My father is a lawyer. My mother is a judge. And I’m a Yuppie Puppie.” “Someday a Yuppie-Puppie like me will be President.” I’m not even a violent person, but I want to build a time machine and go back to 1985 and knock the smug smiles off these kid’s faces, especially the little girl who looks like Corey Feldman. Full insane thing after the jump.

The hilarious thing is everyone knows spoiled brats in 1985 watched HBO, not Nickelodeon.