Having Kids Is So 1986

There’s a news story going around today about howteenage girls are sending naked pictures of themselves around as a way of telling boys they like them, only to have those pictures shared like some kind of viral text. Ugh. Poor teenage girls. When will they learn that they don’t have to do ANYTHING to tell boys they like them. Teenage girls could wear fart-scented perfume and dress like Cheech and Chong’s couch (what?) and still end up at Planned Parenthood twice a month.

Is it just me, or does the prospect of having kids keep getting grimmer and grimmer? Maybe we should just Children of Men ourselves and be done with it, because this shit is getting embarrassing. Remember the good old days? When a parent’s worst nightmare was just that their daughter would end up in the Skate Witches?

(via carnage)

Man, the Skate Witches look like Tracy Flick compared to kids these days. Now who wants a Werther’s?