Pat’s Papers: Now Everyone Can Watch The Newspapers On TV

Pat Kiernan is popular in the NYC metro area for his morning segment on NY1, In The Papers, in which he goes through the day’s newspapers and points out the interesting parts. It’s also kind of a running joke, because the idea is ridiculous, and everyone who moves to New York from somewhere else has the experience of seeing it for the first time and being dumbfounded by it. But Pat is famously well-humored about the segment, so there’s really nothing to make fun of. Anyway, Pat has already garnered some national attention by playing himself in several NY-based films like Night At The Museum, and hosting VH1’s World Series Of Pop Culture. And as of this week, he’s gone even more national with an online version of his segment,, so everyone on the internet can see it, too. Here’s today’s:

It’s hard to decide whether this is good or bad news for the dying newspaper industry, but it’s definitely time that we share Pat with the rest of the world.