VH1 Is Basically Making That’s Your Boyfriend: The Show

This is going to be seriously hard for you to watch because of how everyone on it is your boyfriend. From VH1 Blog:

We have all encountered them before: those strutting, preening, over confident alpha-males who lie, cheat, and treat their girlfriends like door mats. They are “tools,” and they desperately need a wake up call. VH1 and 495 Productions are taking 9 of these unsuspecting bad boys and sending them to relationship boot camp in a new series titled Tool Academy. The eight episode series, hosted by Jordan Murphy, is slated to premiere Sunday, January 11 at 10/9c.

The guys, all secretly nominated by their girlfriends, initially believe they are taking part in a competition in search of “Mr. Awesome.” But the tables are turned almost immediately and they quickly learn that they are actually recruits in the Tool Academy, where they will be schooled in proper boyfriend behavior–covering topics like honesty, fidelity, maturity, and communication with resident relationship counselor Trina Dolenz. Each week the guy who shows the least progress in the group is deemed a hopeless tool and dismissed from the academy. But there’s a twist: he must then plead his case before his girlfriend, who decides on the spot if she wants to keep him or kick him to the curb. In the end, only one man will be rewarded for his transformation with a $100,000 cash prize and the title of “Mr. Awesome.”

Tool Academy. Incredible. The only problem, of course, is that anyone who goes around after the show telling people that he appeared on Tool Academy, or that he was in the final four on Tool Academy, or that he was in the final three on Tool Academy, or that he was in the final two on Tool Academy, or that he won Tool Academy, is still a tool. That’s obvious, but is highlighted by the fact that the only way they could trick “tools” into appearing on this show was by telling them it was “the search for Mr. Awesome” (amazing, very tool-ish), but then the winner is named “Mr. Awesome” so actually it turns out that it really is the search for Mr. Awesome. Perfect. ))<>((.