Can Spring Breakdown Possibly Be Good?

There’s finally a trailer for the Amy Poehler/Rachel Dratch/Parker Posey “lady version of Old School” comedy, Spring Breakdown:

The trailer says “available now,” but Netflix lists the release date as “unknown.” Despite the success of Baby Mama and Amy Poehler’s heightened fame, this movie has been sitting on the shelf for over a year. Last month, Jezebel argued that maybe it’s because the movie just isn’t good, and the trailer doesn’t provide much evidence to the contrary (though the Wilson Phillips line was funny.) BUT: the movie has one thing in its favor, quality-prediction-wise: the extremely shitty and unacceptable treatment studios give to trailers for comedies starring women (though not SATC, which wasn’t a comedy and was even worse than the trailer). Like, have you SEEN the Baby Mama trailer? And have you SEEN Baby Mama? They’re two completely different movies. I’ll watch Spring Breakdown in hopes that it’s more Romy And Michelle than The Sweetest Thing, but hopefully Amy Poehler’s power has grown to the point where she can say “fuck you” to studio marketing departments who seek to use false advertising to sell her movies.