Giving Kevin James The Mall Cop Poster He Deserves

We haven’t gotten any Citizen Marketing submissions in awhile. I think it’s because Poster Boy and the Poster Alteration Art Flickr Group kind of cornered the market. But those guys are all getting too far up their own Banksys if you know what I mean. Like what is this? There aren’t even any dicks or handlebar mustaches drawn on that. And Poster Boy, once a reliable source of non-confrontational BBQ fan art seems like he’s making a full-court press for a cover story in Ad Rants. Take it easy, Poster Boy! No one is confused about whether or not McDonald’s is a terrible company!

You know what else people aren’t confused about? The terribleness of Kevin James and everything that Kevin James touches (with grease-streaked sausage fingers.) He has a poster now for Paul Blart: Mall Cop, a movie that basically looks like a live-action Family Guy script that Seth MacFarlane decided WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIS GARBAGE SHOW. It’s perfect for some counter-cultural visual criticism, and I figured if these so-called GRAFFITERATI aren’t up to the task, then I would have to take this poster into my own hands.

Nailed it. Poster Boy, come out to play-ayyyyyy.