Terminator: Salvation To Feature The Stupid Batman Voice

Japanese Terminator: Salvation trailer, you guys:

Time travel is insane. Like, once the first Terminator was sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, if he were to succeed, then he would by the very nature of his mission have changed the course of history enough that he would never have been invented and he would never have been sent back to kill Sarah Connor so he would not have succeeded. Of course, in the second movie they tried to deal with this problem by showing that the robot was invented specifically because when he was destroyed just enough of the futuristic technology survived to inspire that one scientist to think outside the bun. But that’s not really a solution so much as the centerpiece of a heated college-grade marijuana-philosophy-argument. Which came first, the dead chicken or the Terminator sent back to kill the chicken. The third movie, thankfully, wrapped up all the loose ends by just being as dumb as possible. NO MESS. But now it seems like we’re back to square 1001010101001. (Get it? Because of computers? Robots.)

But the only thing more mind boggling than time travel is why people still think the Batman voice is OK. Work it out.