Bag Of Hair Gets The Fans Fired Up For Some Mediocrity

Before he takes over for Conan O’Brien next spring, Bag of Hair is doing some webisodes to get people fired up for the new show and let them know what they can expect. And apparently what they can expect is a lot of ADD gesticulation and mildly uncomfortable earnestness*.

It’s funny how he still seems like he’s about to break character any second? Like he did in all of his SNL sketches always? Except that he’s not playing a character, and this isn’t live. And also stop it. This is bad enough that it’s actually making me rethink The Roots. I mean, I knew they were white people college hip hop, but I didn’t know they were THE WHITEST people college hip hop.

*Despite what you may think, I am a big fan of earnestness, just not in my late night television. Combining earnestness with celebrity interviews is how Inside the Actor’s Studios happen.