The Gummy Awards: You Guys Know How To Make Good Choices

All of the ballots have been cast and counted, and the 2008 Gummy Awards have just been announced. You can see who won, including the music crushes and songs and albums and records on Stereogum, along with Gummy awards for the TV, Movies, and online videos that danced in our heads during this wonderful year for visual entertainment (except for most of what was on TV in the summer.) Can I just be scary-earnest for a second and say that the choices y’all made for Gummy awards are People’s Exhibit C (after your comments and tips) that we have the best and smartest readers of any of the blog pages on the entire internet? You know The Worst? Well, you guys are the exact opposite of that. I’m not even mad about Slumdog Millionaire’s crushing loss to a very worthy opponent (it’s playing on fewer than 50 screens, after all), and just seeing 30 Rock there inspires hope that Change is really coming to America, and makes me want to party all night and hug strangers like it’s the wee hours of November 5. Luckily, there are still a few tickets left for the Gummy Awards Party tonight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, featuring Deerhunter and hosted by one of our favorite comedians, Max Silvestri. And you won’t want to miss the surprise ninety minute burlesque performance by Gabriel Delahaye. He’s been working on it for months and it’s…truly…something to…see.

Thanks for voting so good, guys! We all win! (Except Bill O’Reilly.)