Kop Busters Is Your Brain On Drugs


Barry Cooper’s Top PRivate Notez:

Want make reality show is called KOP BUSTERS. Epasode 1: Going to get Yolonda SAFE FROM PIGS. Just need to trick them into reading poster and JUSTICE IZ SARVED. What 2 need:

  1. Camera
  2. Crayon (for poster)
  3. Paper (for poster)
  4. handal bear mustash
  5. Trees that look like drugs that will get them
  6. Blow up cell phones from Wallmmart

Trick is to make drugs bust and then when read poster FREE YOOLANDA’S. Best show on homepage. GOing to make all the money and show corruption in PIGS DEPARTMENT when everyone sees tehy go to make drugs arrested and only it is POSTERS.

Ideas for epasode 2: put a dead body in house and call cops but dead body is also a POSTER so when cops is read poster tehy is free INNOCENCE. Thumbs is up.