It’s Not Really A Double Entendre When It’s Actually Called “Wunder Boner”

(via YTR)

You know, you could have just called it something else. That’s what happens when you invent a product. You get to call it whatever you want using all of the words in the world and also words that you make up. No rules! I’m just saying that everyone in this ad is nervously laughing like “Dude, why did you buy something called the Wunder Boner? That is ridiculous!” But since this is an ad for the Wunder Boner then the question really falls to you, the inventor, on why it’s even called Wunder Boner in the first place. Granted, I know that when you were sitting around the Invention Corp. conference room trying to come up with a name for “a long hard rod that you insert deep into the mouth” that it was almost irresistible. And shouldn’t it actually be called THE WUNDER DE-BONER? Oh well, Wunder Boner it is. “Your wife will love it when you stuff her stocking,” etc.