There’s A New Live Puppy Feed. Live Puppy Feeds Forever.

No sooner did we learn that the Shiba Inu live puppy feed would soon be going to a farm upstate than another family has set up a puppy cam to take its place. This one is a little more blatantly commercial than the first, and they could use some consultation on camera angles and whatnot, but whatever, it’s another Shiba Inu live puppy feed! And there’s still time to buy one if you so choose (who wouldn’t want to clean up the crap of an INTERNET FAMOUS dog?) Puppy feed embedded after the jump.

Aww. They’re only a week old!

So from this, are we supposed to gather that there’s only one breed of dog, the Shiba Inu, that is best suited for live puppy cams? Because they’re cute and all, but I want some variety. Next, I’d like to see some Lab puppies. Make it happen, internet. (Here’s the actual feed, with purchase info and weirdo comments.)