The Mother Of Invention: 2009’s Best In Summer Heights Foot Fist Napoleon Guffman Show

A tipster just sent us a link to a video, claiming that it was your boyfriend. Nice try. Vincent Dooly is not your boyfriend. This guy is your boyfriend. Vincent Dooly is a character in a new low-budget comedy called The Mother of Invention. It’s a mockumentary about two would-be inventors, one clean cut and successful, one spazzy and mustachioed, both competing for the same regional inventors’ prize. The movie seems to be in the popular vein of “the lovable loser,” like The Foot Fist Way and Napoleon Dynamite*. Also, it has Jimmi Simpson in it, better known as Liam McPoyle from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Trailer after the jump.

Here’s the clip of Vincent Dooly testing out his supersuit.

OK! Looks funny enough! Now we wait!

*A Quick Note On Napoleon Dynamite: A lot of people lash out at Napoleon Dynamite, which is fair, but if you’re going to lash out at that movie, you need to lash out at it correctly. It’s incorrect to claim that it is completely terrible. It’s not. Even I can admit that. What happened is that Jared Hess and Jon Heder stole just enough from other people, in particular Wes Anderson, that they were able to make a slightly charming film. The truth is Wes Anderson films have charm to spare. Even a poorly imagined rip off of Wes Anderson, if you rip him off enough, will be a total charmfest. Also, Jon Heder was funny as Napoleon Dynamite. The problem is what happens next. If Napoleon Dynamite had been an isolated event and everyone shook hands and agreed to go home, it would have been fine. The problem stems from the fact that ND’s success allowed Heder to appear in other movies and also Gap ads. That is the problem. And it allowed Jared Hess to keep making movies. If your original dream project was just a reductive imitation-is-the-sincerest-but-also-rip-offiest-form-of-flattery film, then when you go back to that well all that remains are dregs, and dregs are what get you Nacho Libre. I would also hazard a guess that we owe Napoleon Dynamite for the green-lighting of Juno (more on that later today, actually), so get mad about that. Oh, and also Vote For Pedro t-shirts. Ugh. I just wanted to make it clear that it’s the phenomenon and the repercussions of Napoleon Dynamite that are the problem more than the movie itself. I’m glad that we finally cleared that up. And just in time. 2005 is going to be the funnest year ever!