We’ve Seen The Best BBQ Commercial. Now Here’s The Worst.

When it comes to BBQ commercials, and, certainly, BBQ itself, New York City has nothing on Midwest City. This is like one of those puzzles (which are now in In Touch or one of those magazines! For adults!) where you point out all the things that are wrong, starting with using the phrase “bite and chew” in ANY food commercial:

Via Fellow Southerner Cajun Boy, who takes issue with the young lady’s bad Southern accent. In her defense, she’s clearly Australian (or maybe Kiwi or maybe British, I am not Meryl Streep’s accent coach), and doesn’t seem to be trying very hard to hide that fact, until the end when she attempts an accent Hail Mary with “It’s the best sweet iced tea in a jah you’ve evah hayd.” Ouch. Make it stop.