When You Wrestle With Kanye, You Get Wet With Self-Satisfied Raps

Someone threw a bottle or something at Kanye at a concert in Australia, but he totally zinged them on stage.

I’ve never understood the phenomenon of throwing things at people who are on stage, whether those things are bottles or insults. You paid money for the privilege of being an asshole? So weird. Stop doing that, you guys.

At the same time, something about this is so annoying to me. Up until now I have been a relatively enthusiastic supporter of Kanye’s egotistical bombast. I like his music, I have no problem with him embracing and inflating his success, and there’s very little difference between what he does with his ranting and crybabying and what all the other celebrities do to keep themselves in the spotlight. Admittedly, there are few things as exciting in a live performance as seeing the performer shut down a heckler with skill. Since you’re already on their side, and being in the audience feels like being a member in their private army (What? Isn’t that how you describe going to shows?), it’s like being reminded why you enlisted in the first place. But this just reeks of self-satisfaction, and it’s not even that good. He’s one of the top-selling artists of the past 5 years, and he barely eeks out a win against some dumbass who probably threw his shoe onstage and is going to savor the victory of having to walk home with one shoe. Maybe if Kanye had left it at his one snappy comeback verse it would have been fine, but the fact that he turns it into a refrain is just masturbatory and annoying. Wake up, Mr. West.