Kath And Kim Is Earning The Right To Exist

Since writing a “defense” of NBC’s spinoff of the popular Australian sitcom Kath And Kim last month in which I realized that the main reason I watched the show was to try to figure out why it exists, I’ve kept at it, and I swear, last night’s episode was just-plain a really good episode of a sitcom. Like Arrested Development, Kath And Kim is one of those shows where you really have to know the characters before you can get the show (and there are also a lot of inside jokes), and this scene wasn’t even close to the funniest of last night’s episode, which guest-starred Maya Rudolph as a life coach without boundaries, but as far as stand-alone clips go, this one gives an idea of the show’s tone: Kim runs into an old friend:

What you need to know about the show to enjoy it: hmmm, let’s see, Kath is a well-meaning idiot, Kim is a selfish idiot, and every actor on the show is a comic genius, especially John Michael Higgins. Give this show a try, I swear, it’s good!