Seth MacFarlane Is Not Even The Smartest Person In The Jail Where He Belongs

Entertainment Weekly has released their annual list of the 25 smartest people in television, which seems to be based entirely on how much money is in your direct deposit every two weeks. So guess who’s number one.

That ?frat-boy persona is only a cover. MacFarlane earns the $100 million that Fox ?is paying him to keep ?Family Guy and American Dad on Sundays through 2012, especially when you consider that Family Guy DVDs and merchandise have pulled in a ?reported $1 billion for 20th ? Century Fox. The apple-faced prankster secured ?a full-season order for a ?Guy spin-off called The Cleveland Show, and he ? still manages to find time ?to shoot his Cavalcade of ? Cartoon Comedy Web ?shorts (and animated ads) for a separate deal with Google. With Guy reruns airing approximately ? 20 hours a week on various networks, it’s no wonder ?MacFarlane is now the ?highest-paid writer in TV.

Wait, what? No, seriously, let’s get off Seth MacFarlane’s for a second cause I just got off yours, but WHAT IS THAT CRITERIA? Even if I was going to assume that earning 100 million dollars was the one definition of intelligence, and not, say, a reflection of someone’s fart-brained, lowest-common-denominator, unimaginative, pop-culture-reference-Cliff-Notes brand of dull-edged ‘comedy’ for 13-year-old boys being perfect for a country of 13-year-old boys, this paragraph still manages to propose unearned half-thoughts as well-reasoned facts. The argument that he “earns” that 100 million dollars really just means “it’s only fair” as a small percentage of the money the Family Guy franchise has pulled in. And how is the frat-boy persona a cover? Just because you say so and then fail to follow up on that statement? Is that how logic works now? Whoever wrote this is definitely not making the list of 25 Smartest People In Horrible Magazine Writing anytime soon.

This list is so patently ridiculous that even a dummy like Seth MacFarlane probably recognizes it’s worthlessness. Let’s make our own list of the 25 smartest people in television. You know, as a fuck you to someone. I’m not sure who. I’ll start.

The Videogum List Of The 25 Smartest People In Television

  1. Bill Nye The Science Guy
  2. Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim
  3. Flavor Flav
  4. The Mythbusters
  5. Conan O’Brien

That’s five. We still need 20 names. You do it. I’ve got to go pick up my award for 25 Smartest Bloggers Who Are Too Lazy To Bother Finishing What They Started.