This Is Your Music Video: Tricia Walsh-Smith’s “(I’m Going) Bonkers”

Tricia Walsh-Smith, the woman who became YouTube Famous (i.e. Sad Famous) for posting a rant about her now ex-husband during their divorce has recorded a song called “(I’m Going) Bonkers.” (Really? Going?) And now she’s made a music video.

I know what you’re thinking: who cares? And normally you would be right. I had been ignoring this video all day on other blogs out of what seemed like thoughtful disinterest. But I was wrong. It is so so so good. This would make a stable investment in anyone’s LOLk. Seriously. Watch this right now. Watch it twice.

A lot of people are giving Tricia Smith shit for this song–saying things like “she can’t sing,” or “this is retarded,” or “who’s Tricia Smith?”–when they should be giving her Grammies for this song. Best New Song About Going Bonkers. Going Bonkers. LOL every time.

I like at the beginning when she’s like “You’re probably wondering what I’m doing in a dungeon, because I’m in a dungeon,” because I was totally thinking what is she doing in a dungeon, if she is in a dungeon. She’s probably working in a brothel. That would be the most obvious reason to be in a dungeon. The second most obvious being because she made a record duh. You know, dungeon stuff. The only thing I can’t seem to wrap my mind around is the fact that clearly she did not do this alone.

Does anyone have any medicine their not using? I think Tricia is all out. She’s crazy like a fox that is very very crazy. Maybe because of rabies.