The Secret Millionaire Is A Sham

Last night I broke down from all the cultural and social pressure (jk, there is none) and watched The Secret Millionaire, the new show where rich people pose as poor people in order to meet worthy poor people to give their money to. The show is well-meaning, but fundamentally flawed, because, I’m sorry, if two homeless men showed up at your house, would you then proceed to introduce them to your little daughter who has cancer and tell them in great detail about your financial problems? No, you would not. But you might if there was a camera crew following them. And before you say, sarcastically, “Are you trying to say that reality shows aren’t REAL? Oh my god! No!”, I’m saying that on this show it’s particularly a problem that everyone is acting differently than they would in real life, because the whole conceit of the show is to suss out the worthiest poor people through natural interaction. And also for rich people to complain about roaches after showing us their cars. ANYway, I was looking for a clip from last night’s show, when I found this instead: this guy is EXTREMELY excited about his discovery that the same paper check was used twice on the show that he immediately took to YouTube to painstakingly walk us through this gigantic conspiracy. Somehow it ends up being more charming than the show itself, especially at the end when he invites his dog to join him in YouTube “fame”:

It’s going to be the 9/11 Was An Inside Job of reality TV! Anyway, The Secret Millionaire may not be real, but if you’re feeling sorry for yourself and looking for something to cry about, it’s the best prime-time option around now that the election is over. And it really is fun to watch rich people complain about roaches.