It’s A French Screwball Comedy About Racism!

According to a great blog I read by a chick who happens to have just returned from France, there are posters for this movie, Agathe Clery, all over Paris right now. I won’t give away the gag, but, okay, it’s about a racist white businesswoman who finds herself with a slightly darker shade of foundation on her face all of a sudden:

My first thought watching this was “I can’t BELIEVE how much French I understand!” as long as it’s spoken by the narrator of a movie trailer, because all movie trailers everywhere have the same template. (“Agathe Clery: She’s white. She’s racist…”) And my second thought was “This movie looks like a bad Jim Carrey movie.” But I’m going to give the French a little more credit — after all, that “change of race” is terribly unconvincing. Lauren Conrad from The Hills looks like that for a few days after all her spray-tan sessions. Was the makeup team who did Robert Downey, Jr. in Tropic Thunder too busy? So maybe this isn’t the most obvious and cliched comedy ever, maybe it’s something deeper than that, like that cool surreal French-language film from a few years ago, Le Moustache. (Wow, everything comes back to Lauren Conrad in this post. Get it? Because she has a moustache! ZING!) Either way, a valuable lesson will no doubt be learned, and at least it’s better than a French version of Crash.