Satan Caught On Tape Taking The Blame For The Economy

Hey, how is GodTube (the YouTube of God) reacting to our struggling economy? Do they have any, say, “hilarious” interviews with a guy dressed up as Satan? Why, in fact, they do:

Things I Just Learned About Satan:

1. Satan is obsessed with the word “sex,” and brings it up as much as he can.

2. Satan just might know someone who knows someone who knows someone who’s seen Entourage before, and is modeling himself after that third-degree person’s impression of Ari Gold.

3. Satan describes his “friends” as “all the attorneys in the entire world.”

4. Satan pays off his credit cards by transferring the balance to a new credit card.

5. Satan uses TurboTax.

Hey, what happened to that whole “God Wants You To Be Rich And Live Well” movement that was so big on GodTube just six months ago? Weird, it doesn’t seem to be so popular anymore.