New Zealand’s Insane “Anti-Baby-Swinging” PSA

This commercial is billed (on LiveLeak, by a random, but still) as New Zealand’s response to a supposed epidemic of baby-swinging (which the random calls “swingsploitation,” and which doesn’t make sense), after that obviously manipulated and debunked viral video outraged it’s way around the world’s inboxes. If someone tells you they’ve seen a more messed up PSA today or possibly ever, they’re lying:

Top 6 Reasons This Is Messed Up:

1. Nobody watched that first viral video and said “I think I’ll swing a baby around.”

2. This PSA is clearly supposed to be about the harmful things people do after binge drinking in general.

3. Whoever made this PSA ingeniously and evil-ly sensationalized it by copying the baby-swinging video, and that is messed up.

4. It’s not a baby, it’s a kid.

5. He totally throws the kid against the wall!

6. Referencing a viral video, any viral video, in a PSA, results in an unavoidable humorous effect, even if the subject is not meant to be humorous.

If you can judge a people by the PSAs that people’s government feels the need to use that people’s tax money to make, and I do, New Zealand, you guys, stop getting so drunk! (JK! I’m from Florida for Shaken Baby Syndrome PSA’s sake. More like, New Zealand, stop letting them waste your tax money on PSAs that are crazy!)