These Akiras Don’t Run

I’ve got a very limited background in anime. I’ve seen Ghost in the Shell, a couple episodes of Cowboy Bebop, and thoroughly enjoy the work of Hayao Miyazaki (you have half an hour to put write-in candidate Spirited Away for the win) but that’s about it. So I’m not the one to ask about steampunk or hentai or whatever. And I will tell you why: because when I was in high school there was this kid who went around every day during Freshman year and announced in the hallway that he was pulling a TV/VCR into the lunch room, and that anyone who wanted to watch Akira was welcome to join him. Every day. For a year. When the movie ended, he would simply rewind the video cassette (I went to high school from 1945-1949) to the beginning and start again. That is ridiculous! Is that what anime is like? Crazy?

On a sadder note, during the summer between freshman and sophomore years something horrible must have happened, because when the kid came back to school in the fall he was dressed like a Droog, and he’s been dressed like a Droog ever since. No joke. He is now, like me, 65 years old.

So this spoof of what Akira would be like if it was made for an American audience (via BuzzFeed) makes me laugh. It reminds me of that guy from my high school. You know, the one I just told you about.

Nailed it.