SPOILER ALERT: 2 Minutes From The Season Premiere Of Lost

Last spring’s season finale of Lost was as good as it gets. So many mysteries! Is Jin really dead? Where did the island go? What happened to Locke? Why can’t Jack afford a working razor? Will no one murder Kate? Was one of Ben’s parents an insect or a fish? Well how else to explain his eyes? And more! So it is with tremendous anticipation that we all await the season 5 premiere on January 21st. Our fingers are crossed that it’s not a return to Lost season 3 territory, also known as the worst territory. Lost season 3 is your boyfriend. Lost season 3 is your constant.

Of course, we Lost-heads all fully aware that this show is going to eventually collapse like a dead star under the weight of its unanswered loose ends, but whatever. I mean, what isn’t going to eventually collapse like a dead star these days? I, for one, am more than happy to put off the inevitable by incurring more open-ended but engaging mysteries like so much make believe credit card debt. Besides, after season 6, the supposed final season, we can just apply to Congress for a loose-ends bailout. TOPICAL!

The point I’m trying to make is we have an exclusive sneak preview of two minutes from the season 5 premiere after the jump.

OMG. So intense. Dan Norton, of course, was the famous German philosopher who taught that polar bears are the subconscious’ way of dealing with dehydration on mythical islands of the soul. Classic Lost, always with the buried references. And of course the law firm Agostini and Norton is a reference to season 3, episode 12 of L.A. Law when Arnie Becker took on the case of that smoke monster who had an allergic reaction to some diet pills.