Slate Interviews A Real Live Cougar-MILF

I know this is a video that appeared on a respected website with standards, but it’s totally crazy (and funny) and gets crazier and funnier as it goes along. Slate’s (and NPR’s) Alex Chadwick interviews a Cougar/MILF about her “interlude” with the young man next door:

“Who’s Maya? Who’s Jillian?” I love how Alex Chadwick doesn’t suffer MILFs gladly. So this story is not believable, especially the part where she says she had to tell her babysitter about the “interlude” because the babysitter was Trevor’s classmate and Cougar Lady “didn’t want her to find out from anyone else.” That isn’t how secrets have ever, ever worked. That is, however, how locker rooms work (or so I read in Brio, the magazine for Christian teen girls). And then the part about how Jillian told her that Trevor was bad in bed? Gross? Is that vodka in those water bottles? That is three people’s mom! You’re on the internet TV set, three people’s mom! Shut up!