Ann Curry’s Bizarre Moustache Proverb

This morning, when I couldn’t take any more of Britney’s lethargic and totally dull GMA performance, I switched over to the Today Show, where I knew that Ann Curry would be interviewing Brad Pitt. That part was boring, too (he hates the paparazzi, he does charity work, blah), but then Ann Curry GIFTED us, on Britney’s birthday no less, with a self-described “T.M.I.” about her father’s theory of moustaches, kissing, salt, and eggs:

How Underminery was Meredith, with the “Your FATHER said that? I’m so glad you’re back!” I never thought I’d say this, but I totally agree with Al Roker’s face when they cut to him. Al Roker is right: that was a weird thing to say that deserved a weird Al Roker face in return. I’m so glad Ann Curry is back.