Chainsaw Bayonet Mounted Assault Rifle Is The Ultimate Weapon In The Pumpkin Apocalypse

This man (via BoingBoing) has mounted a chainsaw onto an assault rifle. Fair enough.

Some people are arguing that this is the ultimate weapon for the Zombie Apocalypse. Let’s get real, you guys. Zombies are fast now. They have been since 2002, and they’re only getting faster. Besides, a chainsaw is a blunt instrument. It’s not going to get through the vertebrae fast enough to end brain function before you get bitten, and since nowadays even just exposure to zombie blood can be enough to cause infection, I think you’re looking at a sluggish weapon that’s going to weigh you down with minimal improved defense. Good luck. I won’t hesitate to destroy you if you get turned.

On the other hand, as this video shows, this is an unparalleled weapon for the Pumpkin Apocalypse. Even if the pumpkins aren’t pulverized by the bullets, once they’ve fallen off the log onto the ground, you can awkwardly chop them up using the mounted chainsaw. Those pumpkins won’t be taking over the mall anytime soon.