Tina Fey, Dancing

Normally, a promotional video for a Vanity Fair article wouldn’t be worth watching, but this one has TINA FEY DANCING, so yes:

Even the sight of Tina Fey having fun dancing doesn’t mitigate most of the article, which is depressingly focused on Tina as a makeover subject, but it’s definitely worth reading. Just not for lines like this:

“Given her frumpy start in comedy and her wooden start on 30 Rock, it was a dazzling Cinderella moment… She got her own slipper, writing and willing herself into the role, and the shoe wasn’t glass. It was a silver Manolo Blahnik.”

Oops, Vanity Fair. It’s not Sex And The City, it’s Tina Fey. (Video via GoldenFiddle.)