The Videogum “Tracy Morgan Promise”: Dear Tracy Jordan

In the spirit of The Office webisodes, there’s a new series of bonus web mats (that’s slang I just created for “web materials,” it’s so nuts) for 30 Rock in which “Tracy Jordan” answers viewers’ questions. But the line where Tracy Jordan ends and Tracy Morgan begins seems so thin as to be indiscernible even to the man himself, it’s basically just Tracy Morgan sitting in a chair answering viewers’ questions. Hearing his views on crayon politics and how frog babies are made is good, but more importantly, Dear Tracy Jordan finally answers the question: should Tracy Morgan have a helmet soldered to his head with a camera mounted over the top of the helmet so that the camera is facing Tracy Morgan’s face, recording everything that he does, that recording then streaming somewhere, anywhere really, be it a website or a dedicated cable network?

You know, “the” question.

A: Duh.

You can submit your own questions to Tracy Jordan in the comments section here. TECHNOLOGY!