Who I Voted For In The 2008 Gummies

With just one more day to vote in the 2008 Gummy Awards (voting ends at 6 tomorrow), I’m taking this space to plug my own worthy choices for Best Movie, Best TV Show, and Best Web Video. (I’ll leave the music stuff to the music experts, except to say that my indie rock crush has been and will always be John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats.) Two lucky voters will be chosen to receive, respectively, the 50 Top CD picks and a year’s subscription to Netflix (3 at a time — I asked!) After the jump, my video-related choices, one of which has to definitely win or I’ll be very mad.

Best Movie: Slumdog Millionaire
Why It Should Win: It’s the movie that made me want to see real movies again, instead of only comedies. Sweeping, soaring, all those words. You’ll probably cry, and not in that self-loathing manipulative Crash way. Yes, some parts are cheesy, but it’s a fable! Just go with it and you’ll love it.

Best TV Show
: 30 Rock
Why It Should Win: DUH. This is the one that has to win.

Best Web Video: Drunk History, The One With Jen Kirkman
Why It Should Win: Well, I think we all know that Christian The Lion is going to win, and personally speaking, the rules we imposed leave out most of my favorite videos (because I love the found/nostalgia/commercial shit.) But in the spirit of the contest, no other video specifically created for online viewing delighted me as much as this one did. I’d share two whole bottles of wine with Jen Kirkman and talk about history any time:

So go ahead and vote (for 30 Rock), the prizes are good prizes and if you live in or around New York, there will be a fun (Deerhunter!) concert next Monday celebrating the winners.