Friday Night Lights Season 3 Is Going To Kill It

NBC announced its winter schedule last week, and the third season of Friday Night Lights finally got a premiere date: January 16th, at 9PM. YES! Perfect. Because the world is an unfair place, and people don’t know what is what, more than 80 percent of the world is starving and this show nearly got canceled. Canceled? This show should be its own fucking channel.

Now, as you know, in order to keep the show on the air, NBC struck some kind of financing deal with Direct TV and the first eight episodes of the show have already aired on Direct TV, whatever Direct TV is. I have managed to see them. Downloading is illegal, never do it. But I can tell you this, season 3 CRUSHES IT. I’m not going to give any SPOILERS, but let’s just say that after that season 2 nonsense when the show jumped the tornado, someone at Entertainment HQ finally wised up. There’s even some actual Panther football in the new season. Of course, no one bothers to explain how it’s possible that Jason Street is now 20 years old but Tim Riggins is still a senior? Whatever! YOU WON’T HEAR ME COMPLAINING!

Here’s just one of the dramatic scenes featuring the upstart new quarterback, JD McCoy, that you have to look forward to:

I am joking around with you guys. But you know what isn’t joking around with you guys? Friday Night Lights season 3. Write it down. Now you know.