Even Seth MacFarlane’s Hands Are The Worst

Seth MacFarlane was on Conan O’Brien last night to talk about what it’s like to have 100 million dollars and still look like you shop at Wilson’s Leather. During the interview, he WOWED the audience by doing the voices from Family Guy. Now, if you like that show, I’m sure that it’s fun and weird to see those beloved characters coming out of a human face. I can understand that. For me it would be like the first time I saw the Magnetic Fields in concert, or when someone from a not super-shitty cartoon is on Conan O’Brien. But just because you like that show, did you also like the arrogant self-satisfaction he exuded while doing the voices, as if he was about to give the audience the greatest thrill of their adult lives? Gross.

Naturally, the interview turned to Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming live show at Carnegie Hall, which is a thing that exists.

Oh, you ALMOST feel like you don’t belong there? Because you DEFINITELY don’t belong there, so it’s weird that your feelings are so confused. Look, I don’t blame Seth MacFarlane for doing a show at Carnegie Hall. That’s on Carnegie Hall. He would have been a fool to turn that down. But let’s at least be honest about it.

You know what else we should be honest about? ALL THE FAKE TANNER SETH MACFARLANE WAS WEARING ON HIS HANDS.


Helen Hunt: I don’t see it.
Bill Paxton: You will.
-Twister (1996)



The worst.