Can Your Parents Handle Slumdog Millionaire?

So I saw and loved this movie last weekend, Slumdog Millionaire. I don’t have anything to say about it that hasn’t already been said, but I thought it was amazing and the best movie I’ve seen this year. ANYWAY, the number one question all my friends have had when I’ve told them to see Slumdog is this:

“Can I take my parents to see it over the holiday?”

This is a good question. While I think everyone should see this amazing and unforgettable fairy tale, there are a lot of parents out there for whom this movie would not be suitable. So here’s a guide for people with parents.

First, ask yourself this: Do my parents already see a lot of R-rated movies? If so, it’s fine. Go. Won’t be a problem.

Now for the potentially objectionable parts. Without spoiling anything, this movie contains, in order of potential offensiveness:

1. Violence

You name it — punching, kicking, shooting, torture, electrocution, face-burning, cutting, and one notable scene of extreme violence against a small child.

2. Poop

This is the one that would freak out a lot of moms. Personally, I had to look away for most of this scene, but there’s a part (that’s actually in the trailer) where the most adorable child in the world (above) is covered from head to toe in crap. Maybe you could prepare your parents for this part by explaining that it’s “Only going to be mud, remember, it’s just mud,” and “The scene is a metaphor for both the extent of the child’s poverty and his determination to raise himself out of it.” That should do it. They’ll know when to cover their eyes.

3. Scenes Of Intensity That Might Be Unsuitable For Older Viewers

This movie is INTENSE. If, at some point, you find yourself thinking “I need a massage after this,” don’t loathe yourself for the juxtaposition of your yuppie “problems” with the abject poverty shown in the film. This movie is heartbreaking from beginning to (almost) end, and it will take you through every emotion. If your parents can’t handle that, it’s understandable, but sometimes it’s good to bring parents out of their comfort zone, so they can learn things.

What this movie does NOT contain:


Yay, no worries about squirming in your seat or doing that thing where you know a sex scene is coming up and you get up to “go to the restroom” but really you stand in the back of the theater until the scene is over and then return to your seat. This movie has less sex than Forrest Gump! (There are some mentions of sexual themes and one scene where a bad guy makes out with a prostitute or something in the middle of a montage, but other than that it’s basically clean.)

I hope this guide helps! And if you decide not to expose your parents to this movie at this particular time in their development, sneak out and see it yourself. Did I mention it’s a really great movie? Here’s the trailer again: