Jimmy Kimmel Is A Racist

On Monday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, K-Dawg presented another of his classic movie spoofs where they edit Guillermo Rodriguez into the trailer. This time for Twilight:

Guillermo Rodriguez works security in the Jimmy Kimmel parking lot. Isn’t that crazy? The American dream! K-Dawg has done this before on the show, of course, most famously with the Bourne Ultimatum, and also The Incredible Hulk. They’re mildly amusing because comedy is when you see something that you are familiar with done a little bit differently. Whoops. Did I just take over the UCB? I think I’m the President of the UCB now.

The problem is that these are totally racist.

None of the humor comes from anything specific about Guillermo. It all just plays on the fact that he’s an overweight Mexican with a middling grasp of English. Get it? LOL? It’s fat jokes and Engrish jokes. Perfect. Comedy from the future! The fact that they make such a point to remind the viewers that Guillermo works in parking security, i.e. he isn’t just ANY Mexican, he’s a Mexican who works in the service industry, is also highly SUSPECT. Does knowledge of his minimum wage job make it any funnier? And if it does, how?

Look, I don’t actually think that Jimmy Kimmel is a racist PERSON, but I think Jimmy Kimmel’s comedy is often structured on exploiting stereotypes (“I’m Fucking Ben Affleck“?) and nailing lowest common denominator targets. And as someone who thinks people falling down and making fart noises is the funniest, I KNOW LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATORS. Part of the problem is his whole “thinking man’s” Blue Collar Comedy Tour-style bullshit that he developed on the Man Show. The dude is rich. He lives in LA and fucks Sarah Silverman. He guest hosted LARRY KING LIVE for heaven’s sake. The regular Joe thing is wearing thin.

But you know what’s not wearing thin? Guillermo. That’s what makes him so funny. Ugh.