How I Met Your Mother: The One Where The Boys Are Naked

Last night’s HIMYM had no notable guest stars, so it had nudity. After the guys learn a new move from one of Robin’s dates (“Naked-Man”), where you wait for your date to leave the room and then be naked when she comes back (“it works on 2 out of 3 women”), they decide to try it themselves. So, Naked Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris time, ladies and gents:

See, their crotches are obscured by random objects in the room, a technique that used to be funny until The Simpsons Movie came out and made fun of that technique in such a brilliant way that that technique will never have quite the same effect again. Also, yawwn, Goat Watch ’08: they showed a brief flash of That Weird Goat that we’ll be seeing, apparently, in May of ’09. Don’t forget the goat. At this point, that’s where the suspense is coming from on this show. It should be called How I Got A Goat In My Apartment. I bet Goat Night is during May sweeps!