Busta Rhymes Is, Like, 70 Years Old

That’s the only way to explain why he thought anything about this video was acceptable.

Oh, a parody of the Chappelle Show’s opening credits to open the video? Perfect. Let me just put the finishing touches on my time machine, Busta, and we’ll be ready to take everyone back to when that would have been even remotely relevant or made sense. Oh, horrible CGI effects of you pulling yourself out of your pocket and then falling down a magical hole in the floor? Your face on a mosquito body? Sure, yes, absolutely. As soon as the time machine is done we will just set the coordinates for pre-Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video and that ought to do it. What’s that? OK, well, the problem is that music videos are usually a great medium for innovative young directors to test out new visual techniques, but in your case the visual ingenuity wouldn’t even qualify for a Gap ad. Thus the time machine coordinates of 1990. No, I do not want a Werther’s Original, thank you.