How Do You Take Your Space Coffee?

Like you, I’ve always been worried that when it was time to go to space I would be forced to suck my coffee out of a bag, rather than being able to enjoy my coffee from a cup. Not so! This clip from NASA TV (via Boing Boing) shows that when it’s time to go to space, we will all be enjoying our coffee from a cup! Kind of!

Maybe it’s just me, but drinking coffee out of that cup looks a lot like sucking coffee out of a bag, and it doesn’t help when near the end he keeps calling it a bag. I mean, don’t get me wrong, when it’s time to go to space, I’ll go to space with everyone else. The pleasures of enjoying coffee out of a cup are not going to keep me on Earth when it’s time to go. I know the sun is dying. I know that! But don’t promise me space coffee out of a space cup when clearly it’s space coffee out of a space bag that just happens to have a bigger hole in the top than you’re used to seeing on most bags.

I do love the part when he talks about how this is probably how future space colonizers will enjoy drinks when they want to have a toast or a celebration. Oh, fun! Although, one would hope that by the time we’re capable of COLONIZING ALIEN PLANETS we will have improved our SPACE CUP TECHNOLOGY, but whatever. I’ll suck to that! (Get it? You get it. It’s a bag.)