Entourage: Vincent Chase Is An Asshole Plus Michael Phelphs’s Stupid Cameo

Vincent Chase is an asshole. Yes. Duh. But last night’s season finale provided an unmitigated look at what a shithead this guy is. First, there’s the historical precedent of being such an asshole. For five seasons Vincent Chase has cruised through his career with lackadaisical carelessness, “refusing to play by Hollywood’s rules,” or whatever. But now that this has resulted in a disastrous career with very few options, he’s sulky and irritable and lays the blame at everyone else’s feet. Gross. I’m not convinced that Adrian Grenier is that good of an actor, but he definitely seems like a jerk in this scene:

I like how I’m complaining about how a Hollywood actor is being an asshole. I’m basically a genius who’s able to cut all the bullshit and just get real. Fuck Hollywood, right you guys? Jerks!

Seriously, though, Vince is an asshole, and I will tell you why. First of all, everything that I’ve just said. And also that scene. But second of all, FIVE MINUTES after this fight the entire dramatic conflict of the entire season is instantaneously (and stupidly) resolved when Martin Scorcese calls Vince and offers him the lead role in his new Upper West Side adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Sure. Martin Scorcese explains that Gus Van Sant sent him the Smoke Jumpers footage and he was so impressed and blah blah blah. Vince happily hangs up the phone and thanks Ari and doesn’t even think for a second that the only reason Martin Scorcese hired him is because of Gus Van Sant and the only reason Gus Van Sant saw that footage was because of E. Ari, who has won Emmys for Best Asshole in a Comedic Role that’s how much of an asshole HE is, has to actually spell it out for Vince. At which point Vince apologizes, but not until after he’s secured a big movie role and had it pointed out to him that he acted inappropriately. UGH. What a jerk!

So the season ends with Vince on the cusp of Oscar glory and everything is back to normal and the end. This show could go on forever, and it probably will. Just the same poop back and forth. Oh Lord, why won’t you just take me now?

Also, WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT MICHAEL PHELPS CAMEO? That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, and it’s about to be the stupidest thing you’ve ever seen:

What? Just a few months ago he was the most famous person in the world, a symbol of human achievement. Now he’s a symbol of someone who’s celebrity cameos reflect the common understanding that he’s not to be trusted with speaking parts.


In 2001 I used to live in Queens, and there was a horrible dive bar not too far from my house called the Station Cafe where I spent a memorable St. Patrick’s Day being harassed by a middle-aged Irishman named Seamus who claimed to have written an 800 page memoir by hand about his wife, who he referred to as “the ball and chain.” She then showed up at the bar a few minutes later with their horrified teenage daughter, after an exhaustive search of all the neighborhood bars for their alcoholic husband/father, and dragged him home, but not without plenty of complaint.

Well, that old dive bar, the Station Cafe, is the bar that Johnny Drama buys from his cousin.

Sorry for blowing your mind in a post about Entourage. I know there’s no way you could have expected it.