Twilight: The Yahoo! Answers Reviews Are In

Why get your movie reviews from critics, when you can go to Yahoo! and type in “Was Twilight good?” This was pretty much the only thing I’ve seen or read that makes me curious about the movie:

One of the funniest scenes is at the beginning, when Bella first meets Edward in Biology. She walks by a fan, that blows her scent straight at Edward — and his reaction is priceless. Eyes wide, his hand flies up over his mouth as if to keep from gagging, and he is rude in his obvious avoidance of her — the entire audience is laughing, because we know what he’s thinking. I’m not sure that someone who hadn’t read the books would have understood it as well, though.

Unintentional laughs are the only reason I’d see this, so I can’t wait to do so three months from now! Or, more likely, on Netflix.