Nerd Recognize Nerd

I think that a lot of people tend to group all nerds together, as if there were such a thing as a nerd qua nerd (Someone’s been to college qua college!). But they have their own society, with its nerd castes and its nerd cliques. Obviously, as with any variegated social group, you can plot an infinite number of Venn diagrams where nerds intersect. There are plenty of Star Wars nerds who overlap with World of Warcraft nerds, and Dungeons and Dragons nerds who are also Brew Your Own Beer In The Basement nerds. But probably the best is when two disparate types of nerds come together, and freak each other out. Which is what happens in this “web exclusive” (the internet has the worst industry jargon ever) video in which Triumph the Insult Comic Dog introduces a would-be Gandalf nerd, “Blackwolf,” to the proto-Gwar band Lordi. Incredible.


“Pray…holler at thy Dragonmaster” is my new email signature.