The Office: Ryan’s Cray-zy Kelly Impression

Last’s night’s episode of The Office was written by the great Mindy Kaling, which explains all the extended makeout scenes with B.J. Novak, jk! But seriously, so many people write TV show episodes that it’s not often that you can actually notice little touches by a credited writer. In this episode, though, there were at least two instances where Mindy Kaling’s voice (or, more specifically, her character Kelly Kapor’s) came through — in two scenes where Ryan is either deliberately or accidentally picking up Kelly’s singular way of speaking. It was amaaazing to notice. Video evildence (and an Office boom mic goof) after the jump.

I’m including the entire scenes because they’re funny on their own, but notice how Ryan says “crazy” in this scene:

And in this one, spoiler alert, Ryan and Kelly break up, but he eases the blow with one of her catchphrases (“amaazing”):

And what is this thing that fell in and out of frame during the latest “Jim and Pam are going to be great from now on and everything is settled and we don’t even need to see their characters again for six months, when they have a baby” scene? It could be something hanging from the garage ceiling, except that this is a TV show:

I can’t wait to send this goof in to IMDB.