Go To Bed, Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson wants to return to acting after a failed presidential bid (and a failed bid to head up the RNC, did you know about that?). Great! He’s back! From the AP:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson is going back to the small screen after his foray into Republican presidential politics over the last year.

Thompson, best known on TV for his role as a gruff district attorney on NBC’s “Law & Order,” dropped out of the crowded GOP primaries in January after his much-anticipated presidential campaign failed to gain strong support among conservatives.

He campaigned heavily for eventual nominee John McCain, and had recently tried to gain support to be in charge of the Republican National Committee.

But his former finance chairman, B.C. “Scooter” Clippard, said Thompson told him Wednesday that he was returning to acting and dropping his RNC bid.

“He seriously considered it, but he called and said that it was not in the cards,” Clippard said.

Clippard said he did not know which television programs might be interested in Thompson.

Clippard doesn’t know which television programs might be interested in Thompson. Are there any shows out there for big headed old men on the wrong side of history with insane delusions of grandeur? PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, FRED THOMPSON? He should get his own show, and it should be called I’m Sorry, and every week he comes out onto the old Fresh Prince soundstage, or whatever, and apologizes to America for trying to be president. Because of how NO.